heavy hearted

22. february 2014 at 16:52 |  ostatni clanky
Dneska mi je opravdu tezko na dusi. Ani nemam silu o vsem psat, tak si lecim srdicko hudbou :)

btw. tuhle pisnicku jsem napsala ve chvili, kdy mi taky nebylo zrovna hej, tak jsem se s vami chtela o ni podelit, protoze se zdalo, ze se vam moje Nostalgie v predchozim clanku libila. Mejte se hezky

You only know that you need someone
after they're gone
You only know after the ugly words
all that you have done
You know how much you're in love
After you let him go
And then it may be hard to come back home

I wish you find the way back to me
Cos when I was in your arms
I almost forgot to breathe
I hope that I am not losing you cos you help me to breathe again
I wish you'll find the way back to me

They say you learn from mistakes
So I am trying now, thinking back all the words I said
I wish I could take it back somehow
You used to tell me look up at the sky
When you miss me and I'm gone
In the thousand shining stars,you'll feel I'm home

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1 Date tree Date tree | Email | Web | 22. february 2014 at 22:44 | React

Hudba je nejlepší srdeční terapie :)

2 Best Night Best Night | 23. february 2014 at 8:20 | React

:O Moc krásný text! A krásný zpěv.. :) Určitě pokračuj! :) Moc se mi to líbilo :)

3 yesterdayisgone yesterdayisgone | Web | 23. february 2014 at 9:12 | React

[1]: souhlasím :-)

4 yesterdayisgone yesterdayisgone | Web | 23. february 2014 at 9:12 | React

[2]: děkuji :-)

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